The potential of VR; For a better workspace

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Virtual reality has gained its popularity over the recent years because of its ability to let the individual be physical in a non-physical environment . This has made the gaming experiences to gain its new level of interaction within the game. However, gaming isn’t the only reason for people to buy VR. VR has also shown to create a better experience of awareness, by giving the opportunity for humans to explore immersive environments physically.

Even though VR has been proved of bringing awareness and autonomy for the individual, not many people use VR in their work because of lack of knowledge of what a virtual reality actually can provide. Today, the population of using VR is mostly among gamers for the reason of having a stronger interaction with the game by fully participate in the game world in a three-dimensional world.

In today society we are used to work in a two-dimensional workspace, where we write documents, answer e-mails and participates in conversation, all on our computer. The computer has been our mainly device for work since the 90’s because of it capability to make the individual to do multitasking at once. However, the human brain is not made to focus on many things at the same time, causing a dissonant from the reality which creates a human-error as making the human to sleepwalk and not feel empowered for its capability to use creativity in work . To be able to ensure that individuals feel awareness and less human errors, we usually provide mindfulness interventions to gain the mechanism. However, developing a dispositional mindfulness may be a problem if our society isn’t build for it, because how can you be aware of the present if your present is to work on a computer screen?

Imagine being physically and emotionally in a non-physically world, that is created for you to feel good.

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Today we have multiplied platforms for recieving information from all around the world. However, the problem appears when the information and the user isn’t interacting with each other. This creates a third part reciever between user and information; Thoughts. Thoughts makes us misinterpret information, making it harder for us to actually reiceve the point of the information.
VR opens opportunity for the individual to be able to integrate with information in a whole new perspective, letting you not only receive information, but also move, focus and interact with it physically, making the misinterpret being diminished.

You can remember your time in the virtual reality because your brain actually is aware of the present. But if I asked you what the latest email you read; you probably wouldn’t be able to answer.

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An upstart of a company called has showed up on the market. Alloverse has a vision of changing our way to interact with information by creating an environment that let you be able to move around, having conversations and come up with creative ideas in a three-dimensional space. This will not only make it easier to work home, but also increase the ability of awareness and autonomy in the daily life. Alloverse makes sure that the oneself can feel attributed to the work he/her is supposed to do by keeping the workspace being stimulated for your own purpose.

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Now, Alloverse want to do something special besides other VR applications. They have opened their technology for everyone to create their own “AlloApp” to allow you as user combining different apps together, making you able to use multiply apps in one platform. This will not only make you able to work with many apps at the same time, but also increase your ability to interfere with multiplies spheres at same time. For example, you can switch from being at work and at your personal-space in seconds.

With all these features we clearly see how potentially VR can be in our future of work. If we can feel aware,autonomy and a better understanding of information by just a headset strapped on our head, then why aren’t we using VR today?



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